Colorado Attorney General Files to Dismiss Durango 9-R’s Lawsuit Against Ascent Classical

On behalf of the Colorado State Board of Education, the Colorado Attorney General’s office has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit initiated by the Durango 9-R school district against Ascent Classical Academy of Durango. This motion further proves the action taken by the 9-R school board is improper and uninformed 

Ascent Classical Academy students are serious about learning.The hostile environment created by the Durango 9-R school board is a direct contradiction to the parent support Ascent has received from the Durango community. The Ascent Classical team remains committed to opening a new, tuition-free, high-quality school option, not currently available in southwest Colorado, and will also file a motion to dismiss Durango’s untimely lawsuit. The state board of education is scheduled to consider Ascent Classical’s appeal over Durango 9-R’s denial of its charter application in May.

Ascent Classical Academy offers an American Classical Education, partnering with parents to create a school community focused on the well-rounded development of its students. Please consider attending the Durango School District 9-R’s meetings and learning about the board’s policies and decisions.  

The Durango 9-R school board is not acting in the best interests of its families – as proven by the commitment to spend tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on a frivolous lawsuit rather than review a timely application for a successful charter school demanded by hundreds of families in the community.

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